What the owners corporation can do


There are many things an owners corporation can do to help its residents to live more sustainably. For example:

  • Inform residents of the rebates and incentives they can personally avail themselves of. Tenants, for example, never receive anything from Sydney Water, and the reality of human nature says that many residents do not take the time to read literature from utility companies and local councils. You could do this by:
    • posting flyers on the noticeboard
    • dropping flyers in all residents’ letterboxes
    • including information in your newsletters
    • including a special section in your resident handbook
    • providing links on your website
    • making note of them in executive committee minutes
  • Review your bylaws and consider how they can help residents. For example, you could pass bylaws to allow:
    • washing to be dried on balconies
    • fixtures for vertical gardens on balcony walls (which are generally common property)
    • specify maximum weight loads for balconies and balcony walls, so balcony gardens don’t create weight load and subsequent structural problems
  • Create the means to communicate with your residents and non-resident owners if you don’t already have them, and start the conversations. There may even be more than one way that allows you to reach the different demographics in your strata community. Some of the options are:
    • regular newsletters
    • yahoo groups, google groups
    • facebook
    • your own website
    • a resident handbook
  • Establish "go green" working groups to address common property and in-apartment sustainability
  • Set & work towards building targets for such things as energy and water consumption, keeping residents continually notified of how you’re progressing
  • Reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill by making it easier for your residents to recycle – not just paper, cans and bottles, but also:
    • Organic waste
    • E-waste
    • Chemical waste
    • Batteries
    • Printer cartridges
    • Mobile phones
    • Compact fluorescent globes
    • Unwanted household items
  • Provide secure bicycle racks, cages or lockers
  • Ensure your residents are fully informed about any formal car share schemes operating in your area
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Thu 27/01/2011

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