‘WaterFix® in Willoughby’ pilot project

Willoughby City Council and Sydney Water are offering local apartment buildings the opportunity to reduce water usage and costs. The pilot project runs until 31 January 2016

WaterFix® is a Sydney Water plumbing service that helps you save water and money at home. WaterFix® plumbers can audit your plumbing fixtures, repair leaks, install water efficient fixtures and install flow regulators to improve the efficiency of existing fittings.

With ‘WaterFix® in Willoughby’, Willoughby City Council will pay for the WaterFix® plumber’s call-out fee, audit and the first minor leak found relating to a tap or toilet.

Once the building has been provided with WaterFix® service, Sydney Water will add the cost of the service to your water bill minus Council’s contribution.

The program applies to owners corporations of 12 or more apartments.

The pilot project will run for six months from 1 August 2015 to 31 January 2016 unless funds are exhausted prior, so book early to save money for your complex.

Last Updated: 
Thu 13/08/2015

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