The principles of refuse, reduce, re-use and recycle apply equally to individuals and owners corporations. In addition, owners corporations can help their residents reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

What the owners corporation can do

  • buy products that can be recycled or contain recycled materials
  • re-using, recycling and buying recycled building materials for renovations and repairs
  • buy building materials from suppliers who recycle
  • wherever possible,  buy in bulk – saving money, packaging and transport costs
  • sell, or give to charity, any items no longer needed
  • recycle everything possible – most materials can be recycled. Your local council will offer a range of services for recycling general waste, garden organics, e-waste, whitegoods and chemicals. Use Recycling Near You to find information about the recycling and waste services offered by your council as well as local drop off options for other items
  • 'opt out' of automatically receiving bulk copies of the White Pages and Yellow Pages

What the owners corporation can do for residents

  • undertake a waste audit to find out total amount of waste generated in the building, how much is recycled and how much is sent to land fill. Having this knowledge will help you find opportunities to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • ensure common property recycling facilities are easily accessible by all residents so that disposal of recycling is at least as convenient as the disposal of general waste
  • find ways to make it easier for your residents to recycle - not just paper, cans, bottles, and other items covered by weekly council services, but also:
    • organic waste
    • e-waste
    • household chemicals
    • batteries
    • printer cartridges
    • mobile phones
    • fluorescent globes
    • unwanted (including over-sized) household items

for example, if you have the space, provide containers and areas for the above types of waste, and when they build up have them taken to the nearest appropriate recycling drop-off point

  • provide compost facilities or worm farms for on-site disposal and re-use of organic and green waste
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Mon 17/09/2012

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