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There are many simple ways to save water. Water efficiency requires both smart behaviours and technologies…

General tips


WELS label for a shower

Over 50% of water used in a building is by showers.

  • Install water-efficient showerheads to reduce hot & cold water usage
  • Install a flow controller if you don’t want to change your showerhead - it doesn't change the look of your existing showerhead
  • Take shorter showers, ideally 4 minutes or less. Use a shower timer as a reminder
  • Fit an Every Drop Shower Saver to your shower – it quickly switches the water flow on and off while soaping
  • Rinse your razor in the basin. Rinsing it under a running tap wastes lots of water
  • Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth
  • Improve your toilet’s water efficiency
  • Use the half flush when flushing your toilet
  • Collect the water wasted while your shower water warms up and use it to water your plants, wash your floors and balcony, or boil in your kettle


  • Keep a bottle of water in the fridge for drinking instead of running the tap until the water is cool
  • Thaw food in the fridge or microwave instead of under running water
  • Wait until you have a full load in your dishwasher and use the economy mode. This saves water and energy
  • Wash fruit and vegies in a half-filled sink instead of running water
  • Choose a dishwasher with a 5-star rating
  • Avoid rinsing dishes prior to washing. Scrape food remains off dishes and dispose of scraps in the compost or garbage bin
  • Use a plug in the sink rather than letting the tap run continuously


Washing machine with energy & water rating labels
  • Buy a water-efficient washing machine. Look for a front-loading washing machine with at least 4 ½ stars
  • Beware of combination washer-dryers. They save space, but some models can be big water users. The dryer function of these machines can also use water. Always check the manufacturer's information about combination machines
  • Wait until you have a full load in your washing machine and use the economy mode
  • Use the suds saver function if you have one
  • Adjust the water level to suit the size of the load
  • Wash your laundry in cold water
  • Keep our waterways healthy by using eco-friendly detergent
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Fri 05/02/2016

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