Use appliances efficiently: Washing Machines

What to look for when buying:

  • At least a 3½ star energy rating and four star water rating
  • Front loaders use about half the water of top loaders
  • Load-sensing technology
  • Hot and cold water connections if you have solar or gas hot water. Using your solar or gas hot water system to heat water is cheaper than using the washing machine's internal heater.

Heating water is by far the biggest user of energy when doing your washing.

Modern washing machines can keep your clothes clean in cold water and use a lot less water than older machines.

Efficient use of your washing machine:

  • Wait until you have a full load before washing unless you have a self load adjusting machine
  • Use cold water and/or economy cycles. Washing in warm water uses up to 10 times more energy than washing in cold water
  • Front loading automatic washing machines generally use less power and water than top loading machines
  • Dissolving powder detergent before you add it to the washer will improve its performance in cold water
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Wed 09/03/2016

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