Use appliances efficiently: Dishwashers

What to look for when buying:

  • Buy a dishwasher with at least 3½ energy stars and 3½ water stars
  • Choose a unit with options such as half-loads and economy wash
  • Smaller households can save space, money and resources by buying a slimline or single drawer dishwasher
  • If you have a time-of-use electricity tariff, look for models with a delay-start option and run the dishwasher during low cost periods
  • If you have a gas hot water system, dual hot and cold water connections will allow your dishwasher to draw in water that is already heated, preventing you from wasting money and power.

The most efficient dishwashers also use half the water of average models.

Efficient use of your dishwasher:

  • Wait until the dishwasher is full before turning it on
  • Scrape dishes rather than rinsing before loading them
  • Use the most economical program that gives you a satisfactory wash result (lowest temperature or shortest running time)
  • Check the operating manual to see if you can open the door to let dishes air dry naturally instead of using the drying cycle
  • Keep filters clean
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Wed 09/03/2016

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