Use appliances efficiently: Clothes Dryers

What to look for when buying:

  • at least two stars
  • models with auto-sensors that avoid over-drying
  • heat-pump and gas dryers are much cheaper to run

Clothes dryers are big energy users

Efficient use of your clothes dryer:

  • Avoid using your clothes dryer whenever possible. Use outdoor or indoor clotheslines or drying racks wherever possible
  • Avoid overloading the clothes dryer - it means a longer drying time
  • Run the dryer on a medium heating setting rather than high
  • Spin clothes well before putting them in the dryer. Do not try to dry saturated clothes
  • Don’t mix heavyweight and lightweight articles in the same load as they take longer to dry
  • That pesky lint filter in your dryer uses more energy use when it’s dirty. Clean it out after every load
  • Try to do several loads one after the other to make use of the heat from the previous load
  • Make sure the room is well ventilated when using your dryer. This helps prevent high humidity, which slows down drying time
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Wed 09/03/2016

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