Understanding your Electricity bills


Your common property will have one or more meters servicing different areas or equipment. You receive an electricity bill for each meter. The tariffs for each meter may vary.

Customers in NSW have the option of being supplied electricity:

  •  under a negotiated supply agreement with a licensed retailer. Under these market contracts, terms and conditions including pricing and other fees are subject to agreement between customers and retailers and are not regulated; or
  • at the regulated retail prices for small retail customers (currently those using less than 160 MWh of electricity per year, equivalent to an annual bill of around $20,000). These prices are regulated by IPART.

The Australian Energy Regulator maintains an independent comprehensive free price comparator website which includes electricity and gas retail offers available in NSW.

Depending on your tariff, you will be billed

  • a flat rate per kilowatt hour
  • a different rate per kilowatt hour depending on the time of day the energy is consumed (e.g. peak, shoulder, off-peak)

If you have a negotiated supply agreement, you may also be paying penalties or surcharges because of a poor power factor.

The Australian Energy regulator explains different topics such as understanding your bill and  tariffs, fees, comparing energy offers and switching contracts.

The following examples provided by different energy retailers explain electricity bills in more detail.

Small Retail Customers

Negotiated Supply Agreements

Analysis of your bills for at least the previous 12 months will start to give you a picture of your total energy consumption, any seasonal variations, and time of day usage if you have a smart meter.

If you have a smart meter and want more detail, you can analyse your consumption and progress on a daily basis with a number of well-priced priced online products.

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Mon 27/04/2015

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