Set the right temperature

Don’t overheat or over cool your apartment.

If you don't have thermostat control of the temperature, use a room thermometer to keep an eye on it.

There are also some common myths about thermostat settings:

Myth 1: Turn the thermostat up when it’s cold outside

This shouldn't be necessary, because the very purpose of the thermostat is to maintain the desired temperature, whatever the weather.

Myth 2: Turn up the thermostat to heat the room more quickly

A thermostat doesn’t control the speed at which your apartment heats up - it just controls the final temperatures. You won't get to the temperature you want any sooner - but you will end up with an overly-warm apartment.

Reducing the temperature on the thermostat of your heater or increasing it on your air conditioner by just 1°C can reduce energy use by 10%. Keep the temperature to 18 to 21 degrees in winter and 23 to 26 degrees in summer.

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Mon 29/02/2016

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