Reduce the waste you create


If you can’t avoid creating waste, then the next best thing is to reduce the amount of waste you create:

  • Plan your meals and only buy and cook as much food as you need. Wasting food costs the average NSW household $1000 a year. See Love Food Hate Waste for more information, recipes and tips
  • Use rechargeable batteries
  • Maintain your products and repair them, rather than throwing them away and buying new ones
  • Hire, borrow or share products instead of buying them new. Look out for ‘collaborative sharing’ initiatives near you
  • Choose concentrated products or refillable containers
  • Set up a worm farm on your balcony or use a Bokashi bin to dispose of food scraps. Check if you qualify to get them free or heavily discounted through the Compost Revolution
  • Make sure your printer is set up for double-sided printing
  • Join a library
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Wed 13/04/2016

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