Halogen & incandescent light bulbs with a red cross through them

Halogen & incandescent light bulbs

There’s absolutely no doubt that updating your lighting - and your habits - save energy and money.

Explore these tips to reduce your consumption.

Open curtains or blinds. Use light-coloured paint or mirrors to reflect light and brighten a room.

AND get rid of those energy hungry incandescent light bulbs and halogen downlights AND reduce running costs by up to 90%

  • Use floor and table lamps fitted with LEDs instead of halogen downlights and leave the halogens off
  • Use lamps for isolated tasks such as reading, instead of lighting a whole room
  • Use the lowest wattage light needed to adequately light up an area
  • Clean light fittings regularly. Dust and dirt can reduce light output by up to 50%
  • Avoid having several lights activated by one switch. Use separate switches for each light.
  • Do not leave outdoor lights on all night or during the day. Use timers or sensors

Talk to other residents and the executive committee of your owners corporation about bulk buying bulbs and save even more money!

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Sat 05/03/2016

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