Heating & Cooling


Heating and cooling can account for up to 40% of your household energy use - making it the largest energy user in the average home.

Explore these tips to reduce your consumption.

Before turning on the heater, put on a jumper, warm pants and shoes. Your body loses most heat through exposed skin, your head, hands and feet. (remove node dress for the weather)

  • Heat & Cool naturally

Wherever possible, let nature do the work for you. During winter, prevent heat loss by shutting windows and doors and closing curtains at night, and opening during the day to let the sun’s heat in. In summer, keep windows, doors and blinds closed during the day and open at night to keep cooler air in.

Programming a timer to turn on your heater or cooler 20 minutes before you get up each morning and turning it off 20 minutes before you walk out the door will save money and keep you comfortable. Timers cost less than $20 and can be bought at any hardware store. You can also consider a heater or cooler with a built-in timer.

  • Clean air-conditioners and heater filters regularly

If clogged the fan uses more energy and air flow is reduced, reducing efficiency.

When you see either or both of these icons, it's an indication that:

Permission may be needed from the Owners Corporation because the action you want to take affects the strata scheme's common property

If you're a tenant, you may need permission from your landlord


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