A sense of community as a place where people know each other, look out for each other and share common goals and concerns is a warm feeling bringing with it a sense of security. This sense of community can be hard to find in big cities. Most of us belong to a variety of communities of interest or association in our family, work and social lives, but often do not experience a sense of community where we live. We often know very few people in our own strata complexes.

Some apartment complexes have more residents than a small country town, while many have more than the several blocks of houses around them.

Building a sense of connection and community in your own building or complex can be a surprising and positive by-product of taking up the challenge of greening your strata. You will find neighbours who share the ideals of becoming more sustainable and like you seek the satisfaction and pride of living in an energy efficient, low impact building/complex.

When it comes to sustainability in strata, there are two main aspects of community:

  • what individuals can do, and
  • what the owners corporation can do to help its residents live more sustainably

It’s also important to know there are other communities which will support your efforts.

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Thu 27/01/2011

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