Choose water efficient appliances

The Water Efficiency Labelling Scheme (WELS) shows the consumption of water by appliances.

The label gives products and appliances a star rating from one to six and also provides a number that shows the comparative water consumption in litres. The more stars on the WELS label, the less water that product will use, and the more money you will save. The labels will be on the product or packaging to allow you to compare when you are purchasing.

The WELS website contains a searchable database on a range of products including washing machines, dishwashers, flow controllers, showers, taps and toilets.

If you need a new washing machine or dryer check the energy and water star ratings. Look for the highest star rating and buy the right size for your needs. Make sure the washer can do a true cold cycle because some machines heat the water even during cold washes. Buy washing machines and dishwashers that have a cold or warm water or economy cycle option and use these cycles as much as possible.

Last Updated: 
Wed 16/03/2016

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