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Selection of LED lights

Selection of LED lights

There are many different models, light outputs, styles and colours, to suit your needs. New varieties are emerging as the technology develops.

There’s no doubt that you should get rid of energy hungry incandescent light bulbs and halogen downlights.

When choosing new lights there are a number of factors to consider:

  • Buy the light bulb that gives off the amount of light you need
  • Adjust the mood with warm and cool colour
  • Choose the shape of light you need
  • Expand your definition of cost - choose the light bulb that will cost you the least in the long run, not just the lowest first cost.

These are covered in more detail in the Light Bulb Buyers Guide from the government’s Energy Rating site.

Your Home’s Lighting Design for Your Home will help you work through the design aspects of lighting for:

  • specific task lighting, and
  • creating a night-time ambience for a room or space

It includes comprehensive summary tables choosing between lamp technologies.

The Lighting Council Australia’s LED Buyers Guide has information on selecting quality and efficient products.

Halogen downlights are the most inefficient type of lighting, with up to 90% of the energy used in the globe lost to heat. They can noticeably increase the temperature in a room.

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Mon 07/03/2016

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