Our Organisation

Green Strata is a response to the problem of how to live more sustainably, and with the lowest possible ecological footprint, as a collection of households within a building or complex formed and legislated under Strata Title.


  • are a non-profit incorporated association based in Sydney
  • are governed by an experienced board whose members are owners and residents in strata-titled properties
  • are fiercely independent and funded through our own activities and government grants for specific projects
  • always come from the perspective of owners and residents in strata-titled properties

Our Focus is on helping owners and occupiers of existing residential multi-unit properties improve the sustainability of their common property, their individual units/townhouses and their community of residents.

We do that through the information and case studies on this website, and by participating and presenting in workshops and education sessions for owners corporations, executive committees, local councils, environmental organisations and managing agents.

We also advocate at all levels of government, lobbying for greater incentives and for sustainability improvements in existing strata complexes and for higher sustainability standards in the construction new strata developments.

We formed after realising that strata-titled properties are the ‘forgotten sector’ when it comes to government programs and incentives, and easily accessible information on what options were available to us – particularly when compared to what is available for detached houses and commercial operations. That is starting to change and we hope that one day there will be no distinction and there won’t be a need for an organisation like ours.

Green Strata was the Community Sustainability Award winner in the NSW Government's 2014 Green Globe awards. The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage produced this short video about us for the 2014 Green Globe Awards night, and have kindly allowed us to publish it here.

2014 Community Sustainability Award NSW Environment & Heritage

Short video about Green Strata prepared by NSW Office of Environment & Heritage for the 2014 Green Globe Awards

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