Turn concrete common areas into oases


Communal garden
City of Melbourne

Apartment residents in Melbourne's inner-west have united to transform their stark, concrete communal areas into green oases to help combat the effects of climate change.

A recent study projected daily temperatures in Melbourne would rise 3.8C above existing records by the end of the century, even hitting 50C on some days.

But as our cities get hotter, green spaces are increasingly being looked at as a way to cool the concrete jungles.

It has even prompted the City of Melbourne to offer predominantly ratepayer-funded grants to owners wanting to green private land.

Kensington resident Milla Mihailova is a keen environmentalist, so when she saw an opportunity to make her apartment complex greener she jumped at the chance.

Having successfully introduced small vegetable gardens at her 45-unit complex, Ms Mihailova sought support from her neighbours for a radical plan to overhaul the remaining outdoor space.

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