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  • 134 lots
  • Cross-ventilation air systems
  • Lap pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Bicycle storage room
  • Completed 2001

Going beyond stardard council waste services, residents got together at Altair to arrange their own in-house waste sorting and additional collection/disposal services.

Instead of putting rubbish in a chute that feeds everything directly into landfill, Altair’s residents take the time and trouble to sort their recyclables – far beyond that available through local council services.

The extensive range of materials catered for includes:

Paper, plastic & glass – collected by the City of Sydney Council in the co-mingled recycling bins provided

Plastic bags – a 240 litre bin for recycling plastic bags, which are then collected and used by a food charity that makes food deliveries to people suffering from HIV and cancer.

Clothing – through a Smith Family bin

Magazines & books – sorted by a passionate resident and, depending on the content, given to local doctor’s surgeries and schools

Green waste bins - allow residents to dispose of plant cuttings, dried flowers and other green material

Batteries and used fluorescent tubes – collected by an external contractor for safe disposal

Secure documents – separate disposal bins are collected by a specialist company

Household goods – sorted and given to relevant charities

Read more about recycling at Altair in the October 2011 Inside Strata article by Strata Community Australia (NSW).
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