Recycle Depot | Bauhaus Apartments

Bauhaus Apartments
  • 131 residential lots
  • 4 commercial lots
  • 10 residential levels
  • 5 levels of basement car parking
  • gymnasium
  • roof entertainment area
  • outdoor garden

Bauhaus Apartments established a Recycle Depot in a car space purchased by the owners corporation specifically for that purpose

Now they’re now able to further segregate:

  • Batteries
  • Light globes
  • Mobile phones
  • E-waste
  • Clothes, shoes & accessories

We think the photos speak for themselves!


Empty car space

Car space before fitting out the Recycle Depot

The car space is in a position that can’t be missed by anyone entering or leaving the building via the car park.


Recycling Depot in car space

Recycling Depot when completed in April 2014


Vinyl signage on fibre cement board, supported by steel posts (cost $1,590), with additional signage supplied by the City of Sydney Council


Dedicated bins for batteries, mobile phones and lightbulbs

Dedicated bins for batteries, mobile phones and lightbulbs



Dedicated e-waste recycling bin

Dedicated e-waste recycling bin



Charity bin for clothing, shoes and accessories

Charity bin for clothing, shoes and accessories



Graph of unwanted clothing in the recycle bin

Volume of unwanted clothing in recyle bin each time it was collected

The amount of clothing being recycled is staggering. The above graph shows how full the bin was on each of the collection dates. Initially the bin was collected weekly – and even then it was generally 50% full. Since August 2014, it has been collected only when full.


Overflowing recycling bins

And at times, there’s even been an overflow…


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Wed 11/02/2015

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