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The Mews
  • Built in 2005
  • 2 x 2-storey buildings with 21 apartments
  • Basement car park
  • Common room

Replacing fluorescent lights with LED's, installing motion sensing light switches and adding supplementary solar panels delivers solid energy and pollution reduction benefits in a low-rise over 55's building.

ClimateClever Apartments - The Mews Case Study

The Mews participated in Willoughby City Council's ClimateClever Apartments program.

The following is extracted from a case study for Willoughby City Council’s ClimateClever Apartments program.

About The Mews

The Mews consists of two two-storey buildings with a single level basement car park. The buildings were constructed in 2005 and house 21 apartments.

The Mews is an over 55s complex, and residents are mainly owner/occupiers. The complex benefits from a ‘common room’ which is well utilised and central to the community feel of the complex.

Facilities that contribute to common area energy and water consumption (and therefore the operating costs incurred by the owners corporation) include:

  • Interior lighting
  • Basement car park lighting
  • Exterior lighting
  • Lift motors
  • Basement car park exhaust fan (currently not used)
  • Water features
  • Stormwater pumps 

ClimateClever Assessment Service Results

The Mews received a free common area energy and water assessment as part of the ClimateClever Apartments Program. The ClimateClever common area energy and water assessment found:

  • The electricity consumption within the common areas was 25,681 kWh per year
  • The carbon footprint associated with the electricity consumption was 27.48 tonnes of greenhouse gas per year, equivalent to 549,574 balloons of carbon pollution

The recommendations of the assessment were as follows:

  • Replace 50W halogen lamps running around the clock with 3W LEDs 
  • Install motion sensors on existing non-emergency lights
  • Remove fluorescent tubes located in the basement metre room from the electrical circuit controlled by daylight sensor (PE cell) and placed on their own manual switch
  • Replace 45W emergency light fluorescent tubes running around the clock in fire stairs with 15W LED tubes
  • Install a solar power system

The payback period for these energy efficient measures is less than two years. This means the upfront cost of the improvements will be paid back quickly, so the owners corporation can enjoy ongoing savings. 

ClimateClever Actions

Based on the results of the ClimateClever common area energy and water assessment, the owners corporation decided to:

  • Replace 50W halogen lamps running around the clock outside the entrance foyer of the western building with 3W LEDs
  • Install motion detectors in the car park (five sensors) and all internal corridors (nine sensors) that switch lights on as required
  • Install LED lights in stairwell to provide safety lighting  
  • Install a 4.68 kW solar power system

The owners corporation applied to Willoughby City Council’s ClimateClever Apartments Grant Scheme and were awarded co-funding to implement the above actions.

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Sun 24/01/2016

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