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The Presidio
  • 90 residential lots
  • 3 commercial lots
  • completed in 2000
  • basement car park
  • two blocks (Block A 40 lots, Block B 53 lots)
  • aligned North/South with units over 2 levels
  • passive cross ventilation
  • outdoor gardens
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An energy audit of the Presidio building showed that lighting of commom areas accounted for 41% of total common property energy use. Changes to fuorescent carpark lights and replacement of halogen with LED lights in foyer hallways were achieved at no cost due to NSW Energy Saving Certificates.


The Presidio installed:

  • 55 x T8 – T5 adaptors in the car park, and
  • 77 x 7W LEDs to replace halogen lighting in the foyer and common hallways

The project qualified for Energy Saving Certificates under the NSW Energy Savings Scheme and came in at no cost to the owners corporation.

The Presidio is expected to save approximately $11,000 (at 2013 rates) and 44,500 kWh per annum.


The Presidio participated in the City of Sydney’s Smart Green Apartments program. The energy audit showed that lighting was responsible for 41% of common area energy consumption, and that most areas were overlit.


Breakdown of common property energy consumption

Breakdown of common property energy consumption

The carpark was fitted with 2 x 36W T8 bare battens with wire guard with magnetic ballasts and triphosphor lamps throughout.

The foyer and hallways used 50W halogen downlights.

Business cases were presented to replace the carpark lights with T8-T5 adaptors, and the halogens with 7W LEDs.

All members of the executive committee supported the project and approval to proceed was sought and obtained at the AGM.

Cost-benefit analysis

The cost-benefit analysis showed this could be achieved at no-cost to the owners corporation. The pricing also included recycling the original lights.

Current energy usage pa kWh


Proposed energy usage pa kWh


Savings pa kWh


CO2 savings (tonnes)


Savings pa assume 15c per kWh


Maintenance savings: fluorescents


Maintenance savings: other lamps


Total savings


Capital new fittings incl labour


Payback in years (without ESCs)


Eligible ESCs


Capital less ESC rebate

$ -3



LED downlight

LED downlight

Payback was immediate and the savings are projected at 37% of the overall lighting costs.


The capital contribution by The Presidio was nil – the supplier carried the risk of installing the equipment and claiming the Energy Saving Certificates back.

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Sun 24/01/2016

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