Lighting | Hyde Park Towers

Hyde Park Towers
  • 32 storeys
  • 174 apartments
  • 5 commercial lots
  • completed 1995
  • approximately 700 residents
  • 16 basement  parking levels
  • 2 lifts
  • 2 plant rooms
  • heated pool, spa, sauna and steam room
  • gymnasium
  • rooftop water holding tank; water lift and pressure pumps
  • central gas hot water system

Located in Sydney's CBD, Hyde Park Towers achieved large power reductions by replacing car park fluorestent light with T8-T5 adaptors, replacing fire Stair lighting with motion sensor LEDs and replacing Foyer down-lights with LED's. Savings in energy bills paid off the cost of these replacements within 6 months.

Case Study: Common Area Lighting

Hyde Park Towers has reduced its total energy consumption by 22% through lighting upgrades in the fire stairs, carpark and common area foyers.

Fire Stairs Lighting

  • Fluorescent tubes replaced by multi-function LEDs with built-in microwave occupancy sensors in early 2012
  • Individual lights now only operate when and when they are needed
  • Eligible for NSW Energy Saving Certificates
  • Energy consumption in fire stairs reduced by 93%
  • Payback: 6 months
  • More detail on this project

Carpark Lighting

  • 290 fluorescent tubes replaced by T8-T5 adaptors
  • Eligible for NSW Energy Saving Certificates
  • Payback: 5 months

Foyer Lighting

  • 320 down lights replaced by LEDs


Graph of Monthly Energy Consumption

Energy consumption beofre & after lighting upgrades

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Sun 24/01/2016

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