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The Abode
  • 18-storey west tower
  • 10-storey east tower
  • 190 apartments
  • approximately 600 residents
  • gymnasium
  • indoor heated swimming pool & spa
  • completed in 2004

With 2 towers,190 apartments and 600 residents, the Abode complex achieved  a 25% reduction in total energy use through fire stair and car park lighting changes. Energy cost savings paid back the total cost of changes within 1.6 years.

Case Study: Common Area Lighting

LED Light retrofit delivers 90% energy savings at The Abode

Abode undertook an LED retrofit of the fire stairs and car park.

The existing lighting in the fire stairs areas was a mixture of 36W single and double T8 fluorescent fixtures driven by electronic and magnetic ballasts. The lights operated 24/7 and had no energy saving controls. The majority of the existing car park lighting was fitted with occupancy sensors.

The fire stairs were extremely low use areas that accessed each floor and the car park. 24 hour lighting was required, thereby ideally suited to a multi-function light which operates on a standby level of light during unoccupied periods. The average standby usage is 7.5W, which increases to 28W when a presence is detected in the area via a microwave sensor.

452 fluorescent tubes were replaced with 271 multi-function LED lights, generating lighting levels above Australian standards. Ceiling mounted emergency multi-function LED lights were installed in the fire stair areas which required 24 hour lighting and a mixture of standard and emergency lights were installed in the car park.


Graph of daily energy consumption before & after lighting upgrade

Graph of daily energy consumption before & after the lighting upgrade


Building energy consumption decreased by approx 25%.

Maintenance savings contribute to the project’s payback and are calculated by costing maintenance access, no. of lamps replaced, no. of control components replaced (ballasts, starters, transformers), disposal and emergency battery costs.

Cost (incl installation): $89,894

Energy Saving Certificates: $30,487

Estimated electricity savings: 138,771 kWh p.a.

Payback: 1.6 years (with ESCs)

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Sun 24/01/2016

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