Green Roof | The Westbury

The Westbury
  • 1930’s Art Deco Apartment Block
  • 60 residential lots
  • 2 commercial lots

A well designed and implemented green roof conversion has delivered environmental, community and property value improvements to its residents and owners.


The Westbury Rooftop

The Westbury Rooftop

New green roof technologies and lightweight products make upgrading of rooftop common areas more economical and sustainable than traditional building methods.

The Westbury’s rooftop upgrade features a large pool and deck area overlooking Sydney Harbour and city surrounds including elevated granite stone pavers to protect the underlying roof membrane and to provide enhanced thermal insulation to the building.

Life-like synthetic lawn was installed adjacent to the swimming pool and at the clothes drying area to provide a relaxed ‘suburban backyard’ setting. It also incorporates a durable, low maintenance timber deck made from a composite of recycled timber and plastic. Intensive and extensive green roof areas incorporate water harvesting drainage trays and lightweight engineered soil.


The Westbury Rooftop

The Westbury Rooftop

Sedum green roof plants support a diverse habitat for birds and invertebrates and contribute valuable green space to the local area.

The upgrade, at a total cost of $638,000 ($1,500/sqm), progressed over 2 years as the owners corporation collected sufficient levies to fund it.

Design Features:

  • 12m fibreglass ceramic composite pools with maxi-rib concrete filled (4 times stronger than concrete) eith bi-Iuminate surface in blue galaxy colour
  • Wood composite timber deck made from 50% recycled wood and 50% recycled plastic. Look and feel of natural timber, but requires none of the maintenance of traditional woods
  • Lightweight Soil Mix: saturated weight less than 600kg/m3
  • Green Roof Technologies: drainage and water retention trays enable water storage for reuse & free drainage of excess water
  • Roof membrane: vapour permeable PVClEVA Terpolymer sheet waterproofing membrane (20 year warranty)
  • Handrails: 316 grade stainless steel
  • Elevated granite stone pavers on height adjustable supports
  • LED lighting: running cost if ALL lights on: 7c per hour

Plant Species:

  • Agave attenuata, Foxtail
  • Plumeria acutifolia 'Starburst Red’: Red Frangipani
  • Sedum acre 'Aureum’: Sedum cultivar
  • Sedum 'Green Mound’: Sedum cultivar
  • Sedum Iydium, Sedum
  • Sedum pachyphyllum, Silver Jelly Bean
  • Sedum x rubrotinctum 'Aurora’: Pink Jelly Bean
  • Senecio mandraliscae, Chalky Sticks

Other positive outcomes have been improved residential amenity, higher quality tenants, lower vacancy rates, increased value of properties at sale.

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Tue 24/05/2011

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