Building Information System | Palermo

  • 249 residential lots
  • 5 commercial lots
  • 4 buildings with central gardens, 3 x 8 levels, 1 x 5 levels
  • outdoor pool
  • gymnasium

A Building Information System brings this closely knit community even closer and is a one-stop shop for Palermo.

An existing website built by the residents of Palermo was upgraded to improve and facilitate communication between building management, strata management and residents. Additionally, we wished to enhance existing services such as residents’ ability to share ideas and raise concerns, while ensuring our website was the preferred point of contact. The website not only creates efficiencies in record keeping, task tracking, asset management and account control, but brings this closely knit community even closer and is a one-stop shop for Palermo.

The new site provides:

  • Work order tracking from Building Manager, Executive Committee and complainant (owner/tenant), downloadable in excel format if required. Any resident can log a notice directly, eliminating the issue of outstanding complaints.
  • Maintenance can be programmed/scheduled based on our building requirements. Notifications are sent to our Building Manager letting him know when the scheduled items are due and when the contract has ended.
  • Executive Committee forum (private), to log decisions and reasons etc. Reduces email traffic and keeps a detailed progression and history of the decision.
  • Social media like sharing forum for residents.
  • A 'market-place,' which has an active in-house buying/selling store
  • Links to local businesses
  • Library of all strata documents including meeting minutes, invoices, plans etc. Settings can be public or restricted.
  • Calendar for public viewing, allowing anyone to know when a contractor is expected, a meeting is scheduled etc
  • Android and iPhone app available
  • Webcam interface or ‘Web Cam widget,’ which may be set to public or restricted viewing.
  • Enabled link to a public display (LCD screen), so that building 'announcements' are visible on a screen as residents enter/leave the car park.
  • Concierge system allowing parcels delivered to Building Manager to be scanned and an email/sms sent to the corresponding resident to collect. Palermo has seen 300 deliveries in 3 months, a feature resident’s love.
  • Pets have their own forum, which encourages owners to keep their pets in control and enables residents to identify pets of other tenants. Eliminates any issue of ‘secret pets.’
  • Contractors sign in/out using our scanner allowing better building control over contractors. Logging in and out tracks their time, resulting in increased accountability for contractors
  • Software belongs to Palermo so data will be preserved if the Building Manager or Strata Manager changes
  • SMS/email broadcasts in case of general building issues (power failure etc)
  • Plus much more!

Features such as ‘concierge’ and ‘resident market place’ were not considered significant features at the time of purchase, but have proven extremely popular with Palermo residents.

Within three months of use, building management received 194 maintenance requests; residents received over 300 parcels via concierge; and another 300 ‘marketplace’ communications were made.

Since the system’s installation complaints regarding unattended maintenance issues have been eliminated. The Executive Committee is now able to direct attention to other projects such as the reduction of energy and water consumption.

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Mon 15/10/2012

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