Bicycle Storage Cages | Mondrian

  • 4 buildings ranging in height from 4 to 6 storeys
  • 137 apartments
  • completed 2003
  • 1 car park level
  • outdoor pool (unheated)
  • cross-ventilation designed into all units
  • natural light and cross-ventilation used in all common areas
  • rain water collection and storage for landscape irrigation
  • native and low-water use plants in common area gardens

Mondrian installed 24 secure bicycle cages for its residents in various locations throughout the carpark.

Mondrian had no ‘spare’ large space or room that could be re-purposed for bicycle parking. Instead, they found a number of smaller areas in the car park where one or more bicycle storage cages could be installed. In locating the cages care was necessary to ensure that emergency egress and paths of travel were not compromised.

Residents can lease a cage for 12 months from December 31 each year. They are renewed subject to availability and requests.

If a bicycle cage is available, residents complete a registration form and pay a $100 deposit for a lock.

In the Application to Lease a Bicycle Cage residents agree that:

  • Bicycle cages can only be used to store bicycles and no other item
  • Bicycle cage deposits are non-refundable, however may be rolled over annually
  • The owners corporation is not responsible for any bicycles stored in the cages
  • The lease may be cancelled at any time if items other than bicycles are stored in the cages

To ensure effective control and allocation, all locks for the cages are supplied by the owners corporation and it retains a master key. If residents store other goods and refuse to remove them, the owners corporation is able to step in and remove any unauthorised items – and ultimately terminate the lease if necessary.

There aren’t enough bicycle cages to meet demand. Some residents have been allowed to chain their bikes to a storage cage in spots that do not block any paths of travel or interfere with car parks.

Residents can also store bicycles in their own parking spots.

The system works well with no problems.


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Mon 14/08/2017

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