We’d like to say thank-you to the many, many people who have helped make this site possible and who have shared their experiences and knowledge.

While we can’t list everyone here, we do want to single out:

  • City of Sydney Council – for the Environmental Grants that got us off the ground, and that have helped us expand our website
  • NSW Office of Fair Trading – for a Property Services Grant that helped us produce a series of video case studies
  • Andre Boerema from Sydney Water & Adam Jones from BMT WBM - for their expert assistance and contributions to water-related topics on the site
  • Ethan Burns from Sustainability Now and Gareth Huxham from Energy Smart Strata who continue to share their energy efficiency expertise with us

As well as:

  • the growing number of fantastic owners, residents and building managers who are taking action and who give up their time to help us compile case studies
  • the suppliers who patiently help us learn about the plant and equipment that makes our buildings function

This site is totally dependent on others sharing their knowledge & experiences, and we’re thankful there are so many who support us.

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